Tropical & Coldwater fish and plants

33 more tropical and coldwater
tanks have been added!

We have weekly deliveries of tropical fish from direct imports or from our sister shop, Amazon Aquatics.

Our tropical tanks are always well stocked with varieties ranging from the popular guppy to the rarer 'L' number plecs. There is a good selection of coldwater fish ranging from the popular goldfish to the more exotic fantails. If we don't have what you want in stock then please ask Ian, Lee or Mike as we may have it at Amazon Aquatics or we can put it on the next order.

Setting up a freshwater tank (tropical or coldwater) couldn't be easier with our help and guidance. Whether you want to start with a small tank or a large tank we have everything you will need. Why not take your tank one step further and have a planted aquarium? In addition to a weekly delivery of plants we also stock all you will need to ensure the plants remain healthy and, of course, just like fish, plants need feeding!

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