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We carry a wide range of aquarium products from all leading manufacturers and suppliers. If you are interested in a product that isn't mentioned on our site or on display in our shop then please speak to us, as we will endeavour to source it for you at a very competitive price.

•   Accessories for coldwater, tropical and marine aquariums
•   Additives and treatments
•   Air pumps, airline, check valves, diaphragms
•   Coral food, pellets and paste
•   Coral gravel and sand
•   Electronic pH meters, salt meters, timers
•   Filters (internal & external), pumps, heaters
•   Glass cleaners
•   Gravel cleaners
•   Gravel – all colours
•   Food – marine, tropical, coldwater (flake, frozen, liquid, pellets, paste)
•   Frozen food – blister packs and slices
•   Lighting (T8, T5, LED), bulbs, reflectors
•   Live phytoplankton, brineshrimp, daphnia, copepods, bloodworm
•   Live rock, ocean rock
•   Media - all Juwel and Aqua One pads
•   Miracle Mud
•   Nets
•   Piping
•   RO and Pro-Reef salt water plus containers
•   Refractometers, TDS meters
•   Skimmers, Reactors, UVs
•   Spares for filters
•   Tanks, cabinets, stands 
•   Thermometers, nets, gravel cleaners, backing
•   Treatments & additives
•   Water quality – chlorine remover, nitrate remover, pH buffers

  • Accessories
  • Arcadia reflectors, UV bulbs
  • ATM - Trust the Shark!
  • Coral Dip from Arcadia
  • Frozen food
  • Frozen Food slabs
  • Gravel
  • Juwel and Arcadia tubes
  • Juwel tanks
  • LED lighting
  • Main Counter
  • New Era food
  • New Era, Ocean Nutrition etc
  • Ocean Nutrition food
  • Reef-roids  fantastic for feeding Gonioporas
  • Tanks - TMC, Fluval - these change from time to time
  • Tetra filters
  • Tetra food
  • Tetra food
  • Tetra water quality products


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