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Living Reef caters for both freshwater (coldwater and tropical) and saltwater (marine) fish, invertebrates, corals and plants. We stock a large variety of manufacturers and will only stock items which we fully endorse. We have weekly deliveries of dry goods so are usually able to obtain items within a week if we don't have them in stock.

We have weekly deliveries of livestock – all of which are quarantined before going on sale. We have a full quarantine system in the cellar where all imports of fish will go for 10 days before being put out for sale. This is something we are very proud of as we can confidently sell fish to customers knowing that they are in the peak of condition.

We are also particularly proud of our RO water – plain and pro-reef – as we know the parameters are always perfect. The pods on the RO system are changed on a regular basis so, again, we know that the RO water is perfect.

Over the last 12 months we have been increasing our stock – both dry goods and fish – in order to provide customers with a larger selection. We now have everything customers need to set up a coldwater, tropical or marine tank.

Our staff, Ian Edmondson, Lee Thompson andMike Donlan, not only have many years in the aquatic trade but are also very keen and experienced hobbyists and they are always willing to part with their knowledge. In fact we encourage customers to call into the shop or telephone with any queries – however trivial they may seem – as we like to build up a good customer relationship so they can put their trust in the staff.

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