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We are able to supply any product from Arcadia. Below is a selection of their products which we regularly hold in stock.

Lamps and Reflectors.....

Arcadia T8 and T5 bulbs

  Arcadia T8 and T5 tubes   Arcadia original tropical bulbs

Marine White 14,000K
Available in T8 (15w, 18w, 25w, 30w, 36w, 38w, 58w) and T5 (24w, 39w, 54w, 80w)

The colour temperature and spectrum of the Marine White 14,000K lamp, coupled with its high lumen output (particularly for the T5 lamps) replicates the intensity of the sun around shallow coral reefs.

  • Powerful penetrating white light
  • Accentuates natural fish colours
  • Colour replicates reef environment
  • Promotes marine photosynthesis
  • Ideal for lighting African Lake tanks

The Arcadia Marine White lamp has a colour temperature of 14,000K (Kelvin) and an exceptional lumen output combined with very good colour rendition. The tri-phosphor formulation provides consistent long life and stability of output at these high levels of performance.

These factors make it the ideal choice for the serious marine aquarist, with excellent levels of light throughout the aquarium and extraordinary clarity for viewing the constantly changing marine environment.

A high proportion of light energy is concentrated in the area between 400 and 480nm, which also assists in the promotion of zooxanthellae production to encourage coral and invertebrate growth.

The other peaks across the spectrum allow the true, vibrant and natural colours of the fish, corals and invertebrates to be enhanced and to really stand out.

Marine Blue 420nm
Available in T8 (18w, 25w, 30w, 36w, 38w, 58w) and T5 (24w, 39w, 54w, 80w)

The Marine Blue 420nm Actinic lamp re-creates the effect of a moonlit ocean and brings out corals natural fluorescence. Unlike many competing products the Marine Blue Lamp peaks at 420nm, the optimum point in the spectrum for marine fluorescence.

  • Spectral peak at 420nm to fluoresce corals
  • Promotes marine photosynthesis
  • Moonlight effect ideal for night-time viewing

The Arcadia Marine Blue Actinic lamp range has been created to provide the specific spectrum (400 – 480nm) necessary to achieve the blue chlorophyll absorption for zooxanthellae symbiosis to develop. This concentration of light energy in the so called ‘actinic’ range peaking at 420nm, is essential for the survival and good health of fish, corals and invertebrates in marine aquariums.

Another important element of the Arcadia Marine Blue Actinic lamp is the UV output present, which creates a very pleasant fluorescent effect on corals, invertebrates and exotic marine fish. When used at night with no other lamps, the effect is of a dark moonlit night with the vivid colours of the corals and invertebrates fluorescing brilliantly.

Original Tropical
Available in T8 (14w, 15w, 18w, 25w, 30w, 36w, 38w, 58w) and T5 (6w, 8w)

Designed specifically around the red and blue wavelengths in daylight that are necessary for photosynthesis.

This gives a warm pink light that encourages plant growth and highlights the iridescence of many tropical fish.

  • Warm tropical colour
  • Accentuates reds and blues
  • Optimum light for photosynthesis
  • Promotes plant growth




Freshwater Lamp
Available in T8 (14w, 15w, 18w, 25w, 30w, 36w, 38w, 58w) and T5 (8w)

Rich Green Colours

  • Bright white light with a soft green tint
  • Excellent colour rendition
  • Enhances the rich greens in plants
  • Supports aquatic plant-life

For best results use with an Arcadia Luminaire or Electronic Controller and replace after two years of normal use.


Available in T8 (15w, 18w, 25w, 30w, 36w, 38w, 58w) and T5 (24w, 39w, 54w, 80w)

When a fluorescent tube is ignited, light is given off evenly in every direction, much of which is directed upwards into the lid of the aquarium. If a reflector is mounted behind the tube, this stray light is not wasted, but redirected back to where it is required – the aquarium, so that the efficiency of the tube is maximised.

  • Reflector can be angled to direct the light into the aquarium or terrarium
  • Made from a sturdy aluminium design
  • Available in all lengths from 8W to the 58W
  • Optimised reflector models for T8 (1”) and T5 (5/8”) lamps

Fluorescent lamps are cylindrical in design, this means that light is produced all around the tube and down the length of the lamp. By using the correct reflector, you effectively capture all of the light that is produced from the top and the sides of the lamp. This could be as much as two-thirds of its total output. This light will otherwise be effectively wasted to reflection around the aquarium.


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